T. Alig
N. Bartels
P. Allenspacher
I. Balasa
T. Böntgen
D. Ristau
L. O. Jensen

Prevention of laser damage precursors in spaceborne ultraviolet antireflection coatings

Opt. Express
Type: Zeitschriftenaufsatz (reviewed)
In order to enhance the reliability and performance of space-based Lidar systems, it is desirable to increase the damage resistance of ultraviolet antireflective coatings. For laser pulses with nanosecond pulse duration, laser-induced damage is known to be triggered by nano-sized defects embedded in the optical coating. In this work, we demonstrate the mitigation of damage precursors during the manufacturing of ion-beam sputtered (IBS) coatings using two approaches: ion bombardment with a secondary ion source and laser irradiation with a nanosecond-pulsed laser. Optical coatings produced with both technologies show a significantly increased damage threshold when tested in large-area raster scans.