P. von Witzendorff
M. Stompe
O. Suttmann
L. Rissing
L. Overmeyer

Investigation of the cutting performance of laser dressed metal bonded diamond blades

International Congress on Applications of Lasers & Electro Optics (ICALEO)
6.-10. Oktober
Type: Konferenzbeitrag
Cutting of hard and brittle materials as Sintered Silicon Carbide SSiC is an obstacle for implementing SSIC into MEMS applications. Wear and accuracy loss of resin-bonded diamond blades are significant. In contrast, metal-bonded diamond blades have a better shape accuracy during dicing of SSiC but require frequent dressing to renew the worn-out diamond grains because these blades do not perform self-dressing as resin-bonded blades. In comparison to conventional dressing methods, laser dressing is applicable while the cutting process is running. In this study, a pulsed laser (τ = 655 ps) has been integrated in a dicing machine to perform on machine laser dressing. The sharpness after dressing is evaluated as the cutting edge surface roughness. The dicing performance is evaluated by observing the dicing results in terms of cutting depth consistency and by capturing the spindle power during dicing. Dicing blades which have been laser dressed with the presence of coolant feature less sharpness than dicing blades which have been laser dressed in dry condition. The dicing results prove the sharpness and durability of laser dressed dicing blades in comparison to new and conventionally dressed blades.