L. Overmeyer
V. Schütz
A. Horn
U. Stute

Laser induced quasi-periodical microstructures with external field modulation for efficiency gain in photovoltaics

CIRP Ann. - Manuf. Techn.
Type: Zeitschriftenaufsatz (reviewed)
The overall reflectivity of silicon is decreased by 10\% altering the surface topology by ultra-short pulsed laser ablation and resulting in an efficiency increase of solar cells. The size of quasi-periodical μm-structures on the surface can be defined by the applied laser parameters. The topology is additionally adapted in size and distance of the microstructures at constant laser parameters with a specifically applied external electrical field leading to a cone-like microstructure with an adjustable light-trapping geometry. On large scale multicrystalline silicon solar wafers with a laser generated μm-scale surface topology were processed into cells with an absolute efficiency gain.