L. Overmeyer
A. Neumeister
R. Kling

Direct precision manufacturing of three-dimensional components using organically modified ceramics

CIRP Ann. - Manuf. Techn.
Type: Zeitschriftenaufsatz (reviewed)
The authors report on direct precision manufacturing (DPM) of three-dimensional parts using the stereo lithography technique. Organically modified ceramics (Ormocer) are photo polymerised in a layer based production fashion with a custom designed micro stereo lithography (MSL) apparatus. In order to achieve spatial process resolutions as high as 10 μm, both the Ormocer and apparatus are adapted in terms of high resolution manufacturing. Using micro computer tomography, form tolerances smaller than 50 μm are achieved. Through the highest degree of flexibility in three-dimensional manufacturing, new fields of applications in the MEMS sector are conceivable, as exemplary micro mechanical or micro fluidic systems.