Weeding using the laser

No more aggressive chemicals for fighting weeds for professional gardeners! A fully automated unit „flies“ over the field, a camera recognizes sprouting weeds, and a laser beam does the rest. This future scenario has been the subject of research in a project at the LZH. The main goal was to find a way to fight weeds without using chemicals, a major goal for ecological and sustainable plant growing.

The basic idea is similar to flame weeding, where heat destroys the weeds. However, flame weeding destroys everything subject to the flame, and it is neither precise enough nor automatable. When laser technology is used, only the young weeds are targeted by the beam, and the plants near the weeds are not affected.  Furthermore, “laser weeding” is automatable.

PD Dr. Merve Wollweber
Head of Food and Farming Group
Industrial and Biomedical Optics Department
Phone: +49 511 2788-212
E-Mail: m.wollweber@lzh.de