Laser-based gluing of diamond cutting segments

Gluing instead of soldering: The groups “Joining and Cutting of Metals” and “Safety Technology” at the LZH are researching a laser-based process for exchanging diamond cutting segments together with the Remscheider Institut für Werkzeugforschung und Werkstoffe (IFW).

In comparison to soldering, laser-based gluing has a much lower thermal input level. Thus, stress and tension in the sawblade can be reduced, and also warpage. Ideally, in the future, the sawblade will not need to be readjusted before reuse.

The process chain developed by the LZH and the IFW consists of four steps:

  • Separating the segments from the sawblade
  • Cleaning the joining zone
  • Structuring the surface
  • Hardening the adhesive

The LZH has developed a mobile unit which gives operators flexible use of this system. Consisting of a laser scanner, a pyrometer and a thermocamera, this unit can be used on site for sawblade repair.

Dr.-Ing. André Springer
Head of Joining and Cutting of Metals Group
Materials and Processes Department
Phone: +49 511 2788-345