Laser-assisted GMA cladding (deposition welding)
Schichtauftrag auf eine Extruderwelle. Bild: LZH

During laser-assisted arc deposition welding, the laser beam stabilizes and guides the electrical arc. Thus, low dilution rates (<5%) and a precise positioning of the deposition material can be achieved.


Large area coating. Photo: LZH

Generation of structures. Photo: LZH

With this process, protective coatings can be applied to new workpieces, worn down coatings can be re-built, or repair weldings can be carried out.

Since the coating can be precisely positioned and the thermal input is low, the process is especially suited for thin workpieces or for the work on component edges.

The group “Machines and Controls” offers deposition welding for components made of various materials. This includes all alloys typically used for welding wires.




This service is, among others, relevant for the following areas:

Manufacturing processes:

  • Cladding (deposition welding)
  • Welding

Material groups:

  • Metals

Consulting, development and contract research:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Process and system development
  • Technology transfer from research to industry

Measurements and analyses:

  • Metallographic analysis

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