Cladding (deposition welding) of large areas
Schematischer Aufbau Doppeldraht-Auftragschweißen. Bild: LZH

For the cladding of large areas, laser-assisted double-wire deposition welding has been developed. 


This is a new approach in which the electrical arc burns between two wires and is thus not transferred to the workpiece. In this way, the energy of the arc plasma is very efficiently used to melt the protective material provided by the wire electrodes, and the thermal stress on the component is minimized.

Most of the energy needed for welding the deposited material to the work piece comes from the molten material itself. Therefore, the laser, which is needed to ensure a sound bond on the whole area, uses only 1 kW of laser power. With this combination, high deposition rates of up to 10 kg/h can be achieved with a dilution of typically under 5%.

This service is, among others, relevant for the following areas:

Manufacturing processes:

  • Cladding (deposition welding)
  • Welding

Material groups:

  • Metals


Measurements and analyses:

  • Metallographic analysis

Fields of application and industrial sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Job order production
  • Material processing
  • Tool making and mechanical engineering
  • Wear and corrosion protection

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