Laser dispersion
Makroaufnahme einer dispergierten Fläche (von Matrixmaterial: Werkzeugstahl und Keramikpartikel: Zirkonoxid)

Using laser dispersion, metal-ceramic coatings can, for example, be added to moulding tools. These coating improve both the wear and corrosion characteristics of the tools, and can thus increase tool life.


In the laser dispersion process, the laser first melts the surface of the moulding tool made of steel, aluminum or other metal materials. Then powder-shaped ceramic particles made of zirconium, titanium carbide or tungsten carbide are deposited in the melt pool. During the cooling and hardening phase, the particles are then enclosed in the melt pool.

Using this process, wear on deep-drawing or pressing tools can be reduced.


This service is, among others, relevant for the following areas:

Manufacturing processes:

  • Coating

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  • Metals
  • Alloys

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  • SEM imaging

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  • Process and system development
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