Laser-based glass processing

In the field of laser-based glass processing the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH) offers the following services:




Surface treatment

Consulting, analysis, process development and monitoring



Drilling and cutting of diverse materials


Ultrakurzpulslaserschneiden eines wärmesensitiven Materials

The LZH offers consulting, feasibility studies and process development for laser micro drilling and cutting of diverse materials. For this, ultrashort pulse lasers are mainly used. Suitable processes can be optimized for industrial application and integrated on the customers premises.

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Laser cutting of glass


Laser cutting of glass stands out by a high cutting speed and high cut quality.

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Laser welding of glass components


Gefügter L-Winkel aus Quarzglas.

With laser-based welding, flat glass and glass tubes can be joined on a largely automated basis. Not only glass-glass joints, but also glass-metal joints are possible.

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Laser forming of glass components


Rohrglas nach Ziehvorgang.

Laser-based forming of glass components minimizes the residual tensions in the glass. The laser-based process can be largely automated.

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Functionalization and structuring of surfaces


Laseroberflächenfunktionalisierung zur       Einstellung der Wasserbenetzbarkeit

The LZH offers consulting, feasibility studies and process development for the functionalization and structuring of surfaces. Here, ultrashort pulse lasers offer manifold possibilities to modify surface properties in a well-targeted manner to match the requirements of diverse applications. One example is the generation of hydrophobic surfraces.

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Laser decoating of glass materials


Leiterplatte auf Glasbasis, welche durch das Laserentschichten hergestellt wurde.

With pulsed laser radiation, coated glass can be locally decoated. In this way, the desired functionality of components, such as glass printed circuit boards or organic LEDs, can be achieved.

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Laser polishing of glass surfaces and edges


Laserverrundete Glaskante

With laser-based melting, edges can be rounded off and surfaces can be polished locally. This process is non-tactile, can be used for different geometries, and does not require polishing agents.

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Marking and writing on glass


Lasermarkiertes Schachbrett auf Glasbasis

With the laser, glass can be flexibly marked and structured. The transparency of the laser-marked area can be accurately pre-defined. Even pre-stressed glasses can be precisely marked with the laser.

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Analysis methods for glass materials


Optische Spannungsmessung

The LZH can analyze the quality of glass materials with optical tension analyses, SEM examinations, microscopy and strength investigations.

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Consulting, design and system integration for optical component assemblies for pulsed laser material processing


Optische Baugruppen im Laserstrahlengang, Bild: LZH

The Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. offers consulting, design and system integration for optical component assemblies for laser material processing. These can be customized for your application and integrated in your system.

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Consulting for the automation of laser-based glass processing



The group “Glass” offers consulting for the design and construction of systems for the automated laser processing of glass materials.

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Process development for laser microprocessing


Lasergenerierter Dünnfilmsensor auf einer Werkstückoberfläche. Bild: LZH

The LZH is examining whether laser-based processes can be used for microprocessing. Suitable processes can be optimized up to use in industry. Mainly ultrashort pulse lasers are used for this application.

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Process monitoring and documentation


Simulation zu Prozessemissionen (Schweißspritzer). Bild: LZH

The LZH develops individual strategies for monitoring laser processes. Together with the customers, these strategies are transferred into technical systems and tested in industrial environments. Furthermore, the LZH offers consulting for process optimization.

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