µCT images
a) Schnittbild einer lasergeschnittenen Schnittkante bei einem CFK Verbundwerkstoff und b) Schnittbild eines CFK Verbundwerkstoffs mit Fehlstellen nach Laserschneiden. C Schnittbild durch einen Mauslungenflügel mit Fibrose. D Close-Up eines fibrotischen Bereichs in der Mauslunge..

X-ray computer tomography (µCT) with the phoenix nanotom ® s enables 3D volume images of both samples made of metal or plastics, ceramics or composite materials, and of biological ex vivo samples..



Imaging with the computer tomograph phoenix nanotom ® s is contactless, non-destructive and three-dimensional. It is based upon the X-ray contrast of the materials inside the sample. The resolution for suitable samples is less than 1 µm. The maximum extension of the sample should be in the range of a few centimeters.

Suitable samples and applications:

Samples made of metal or plastics can be examined for material transitions, cracks or cavities. Ceramics and composite materials, such as carbon-fiber reinforce plastics (CFRP), are suitable materials, too. Moreover, circuit boards and electronic components can be examined. For the latter, however, non-destructive testing cannot be guaranteed. Human prepared ex vivo samples from biology can be used as well.

The department “Industrial and Biomedical Optics” offers both consulting, feasibility studies, imaging services as well as image processing.

The results can be provided as digital image data, rendered image data or calibrated measurement values.

This service is, among others, relevant for the following areas:

Imaging processes:

  • Micro CT images

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