3D volume cross-sectional images with multi-photon microscopy
a) Maximale Intensitätsprojektion eines 200 µm dicken Schnitts einer aufgeklarten fibrotischen Rattenlunge (links) und Vergrößerungsansichten (b. - d.) aus demselben Bildstapel.

With multi-photon microscopy, high-resolution in vitro and in vivo cross-section images can be made using the intrinsic contrast mechanisms of the sample or secondary staining. Biological soft-tissue and other optically suited materials can be examined with this method.


With multi-photon microscopy, opaque, semi-transparent and transparent samples can be displayed as a cross-section in high resolution. 3D volume images can be generated from cross-section image stacks. Here, intrinsic contrast mechanisms, such as auto-fluorescence or non-linear effects for displaying  the surface and the subjacent volume, can be used. Images of large samples can be generated by in silico stitching of single images.

Imaging with multi-photon microscopy is based upon non-linear excitation. Semi-transparent and opaque samples up to a depth of 0.3 mm (natively) and cleared or transparent samples of up to 1 mm. Samples of up to 20 mm x 20 mm can be displayed with an image field of 450 µm x 450 µm and an optical resolution of 0.3 µm x 0.3 µm (laterally) x 1 µm (axially).

Suitable samples and applications:

From single cells and cell clusters up to soft-tissue samples and biopsies (animal, human) in vitro and ex vivo, tissue-engineering and many more. The wide variety of available contrast mechanisms enables to visualize even complex tissue structures.

The results can be delivered as digital image data, overlay data sets for several channels (e.g. the correlation of colorants), rendered image data or even 3D animations.

This service is, among others, relevant for the following areas:

Imaging processes:

  • Multi-photon microscopy

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