Development and feasibility studies for fiber components
Faserkoppler, welcher zwei unterschiedliche Wellenlängen multiplext bzw. demultiplext Foto: LZH

The Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. carries out feasibility studies for special fiber components.


The group „Fiber Optics“ investigates coupling mechanisms in single- and multi-mode optical fibers. In this context, the group can couple both identical and not identical single-mode fibers as well as multi-mode fibers. With a flame-based technique, they develop wavelength division multiplexers (WDM), fiber-based beam splitters and pump and signal combiners for wavelengths between 600 nm and 2100 nm.

Furthermore, silica fibers can be fused and structured with the laser. On the one hand, the group “Fiber Optics” develops mode strippers that allow for a well-targeted extraction of pump radiation from double-clad fibers.  And on the other hand, the group manufactures fused silica end caps that reduce the light intensity at the fiber tips.

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