In-situ process control for the manufacturing of optical layers
Optischer Breitbandmonitor BBM, Benutzeroberfläche

With the optical broadband monitoring system (BBM), the layer thickness of complex multilayer systems can be controlled highly-precisely during the coating process.


The optical broadband monitoring system makes it possible to coat optics in a very precise, efficient and highly reproducible way. Since the BBM neither requires design-dependent monitoring strategies nor test coatings, a rapid manufacturing is possible. Thus, the customer benefits from less waste and a higher quality at the same time.

The BBM system provides an extensive data basis for the analysis of the process, e.g. about the growth behavior, shift effects and inhomogeneities. During the process, the quality management records every coating electronically in detail.

Additional software packages are available for the simulation of coating processes and for the re-optimization during the process.

The BBM has a 15 year development history, and many customers are using it already. Individual solutions for various platforms can be provided, among others the retrofitting of existing coating systems.

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  • Feasibility studies
  • Process and system development
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