phi special edition on the Cluster of Excellence PhoenixD published

In preliminary tests, the LZH printed glass fibers with a diameter of 400 µm. (Photo: LZH)

A revolution in optics is the goal of the Cluster of Excellence PhoenixD, which started its work a year ago. In the future, it shall be possible to manufacatuzre precision optics much more compactly and cost-effectively. The magazine phi - Produktionstechnik Hannover informiert has published a special edition focusing on the production engineering part of PhoenixD.

How can mass production of precision optics succeed - and what does that mean for industry? This is explained by the PhoenixD board members Professor Dr. Uwe Morgner and Professor Dr.-Ing. Ludger Overmeyer in an interview.

In addition, the phi special edition contains twelve research articles on the production of high-performance optics, including a contribution from the LZH: "Printing complex glass structures in 3D usingt the laser".

Read the English version of the special PhoenixD edition here.