Efficient structuring of cylinder surfaces

The rotating tip of the spindle with the laser beam is lowered into the bushing in a controlled manner. (Photo: LZH)

Cylinder surfaces of lightweight engines must be lined with a wear-resistant coating to make them durable. With the new generation of the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V.'s Laser Internal Machining Head (IBK), the surfaces are efficiently prepared for this.

Aluminum engines save weight and fuel but are not as durable as their grey cast iron counterparts. To increase the service life of lightweight engines and improve tribological properties, the inner surfaces of the cylinders are given a protective steel coating.

For proper adhesion between aluminum and steel, the surface must be roughened before lining. Already established processes such as corundum blasting or machining have become highly competitive with laser-based roughening: This is because the laser works without tool wear and very clean. Since tool costs, cleaning steps, and set-up times are eliminated, the laser process is superior to established methods.

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