Tomorrow’s Scientists Visit the LZH

25 pupils visited the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. during this year’s “Future Day”, and were given the opportunity to see what the working day of physicists and engineers in a research facility looks like. Questions such as how does a laser function and what can they be used for were at the core of the event. The girls and boys could find out, for example, how laser radiation can be used to visualize the tiny brain of a grasshopper, how focused light can cut metal plates, and how special mirrors for research in outer space are made.
By visiting the labs, the pupils could see what kind of environment scientists work in, what their daily routine is, and how they became a scientist. Further information on job profiles and on training and education courses in research and technology rounded off the yearly career orientation event.
For many years the LZH has been pro-active in promoting young scientists, helping awaken their interest in natural sciences and technology. Future Day, which takes place annually, is just one of the many activities at the LZH aiming at helping young people to learn more, and to win future scientists.