Software Development for Laser Users

The LZH develops programs for laser users, not only to make working with lasers easier, but also more effective. The main emphasis is placed on the development of CAD/CAM systems for laser material processing.

Modern software programs are based on scientific and engineering paradigms, and the product 'software' is developed much like a modern car in the automobile industry. Methodical work is the key to success. The LZH uses an iterative software development process that is divided into four phases: analysis, design, implementation and testing.

The development of competent, turnkey software systems is a result of innovative development projects in close work together with the laser industry. The system CAGILA has resulted from this cooperation. CAGILA reads and optimises CAD-data, to go on and generate NC data for laser units. It is especially good at optimising CAD-data with a high number of elements. This system is in use in over 40 industrial enterprises, and is now the business of a spin-off firm, which not only promotes CAGILA, but is also concerned with further developing the program (

The 3-D NC programming system proLAS.3D ( began as a European research project. proLAS.3D has developed into a basis system for current and future industrial projects, and it supports both 5-axis gantry systems and 6-axis articulated robots (currently being researched). This includes remote laser welding (using scanning optics) and the simulation of industrial robots.These programs are mainly used by small and medium-sized enterprises (SME's).

The internet marketplace CIMELAS was also especially developed and set up for SME's, and is a comfortable tendering system for both job shops and customers in the sheet metal working industry. CIMELAS (www.cimelas,com) offers special services in preparing CAD data for machining, and for making fast time calculations for contour processing.

Not only proLAS.3D, but also CIMELAS are continually being further developed and adapted to industrial needs, with the main point of emphasis being on making working with the laser easier and more cost effective.

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The Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH) carries out research and development in the field of laser technology and is supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport of the State of Lower Saxony (Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Verkehr).