Cost Calculation for 3-D Laser Cutting Made Easy

A new software tool should make fast and easy cost calculation of 3-D laser cutting possible. The goal of a new EU project under the leadership of the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH) is to make calculation of the production costs for any workpiece made by contour laser cutting possible.

This software will be especially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, making calculation of the costs for bids and tenders not only easier, but also less expensive. Since not all bids actually become an order, the software can be a great help in simplifying work for firms in the field of laser cutting.

In order to accomplish this, the workpiece geometry is first broken down into a set of characterized numbers. These numbers contain all the geometrical information concerning the laser cut. By linking this data to the specific machine parameters – for example, laser output, axis speeds, etc. – the production time per workpiece can quickly be calculated.

By linking the production time with the company-specific fixed and variable costs, the price per unit can easily be found. After cost calculation is concluded, the bid can be compared to similar orders in a data base, and a plausibility check can be carried out.

The research project is supported by the European Union and runs until June, 2006. The project partners come from Germany, Italy, Spain and the Czech Republik.

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