Easy cost calculation for 3D laser beam cutting

Fig. 1: A new software allows a fast cost calculation for 3D laser cutting

A fast cost calculation for 3D laser beam cutting is possible using a software known as ICACOST. Manufacturing costs of any workpiece to be cut in a contour cutting process can be determined using ICACOST. This result of an EU research project was achieved under the management of the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH).

The cost calculation in order to prepare quotations on the basis of this software, which was designed for small and medium-sized companies in particular, is easier and more cost-effective. Since not all quotations lead to an order, ICACOST can offer significant support for companies in the field of laser beam cutting.

First, the workpiece geometry is transferred into a set of characteristic numbers, which thus include all geometry information of the planned laser cut. Linking these numbers with specific machine parameters such as laser power, axes speeds, etc. allows for a fast calculation of the complete processing time per workpiece.

In addition, the numbers include further information relevant to manufacturing with regard to feasibility studies and factory planning. Thus, the effort concerning workpiece handling, preparation of NC codes and the construction of the workpiece holding device can be estimated.

A workpiece-specific price for the work order is generated by linking processing time and company-specific overhead costs. After having finished the cost calculation, the current quotation can be compared to similar orders in a database, which have already been postcalculated, in order to carry out a plausibility control.

The research project, which was financially supported by the European Union, was carried out together with partners from Germany, Italy, Spain, and the Czech Republic. The ICACOST software can be obtained as a prototype from MARS Lasertechnik GmbH.

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