Tailored light out of fiber optics: EXIST funding for LZH researchers

Scientists of the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH) are receiving about 700,000 Euro funding for their project OptoKomp from the EXIST research transfer program of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. Thus, the four team members can further develop their research findings to set a basis for founding a startup company. OptoKomp manufactures compact, fiber optical components for cutting-edge laser systems.

hannoverimpuls advised the team with regard to the financing and supported and accompanied them in submitting the proposal for the EXIST research transfer. “Our goal is to strengthen and foster the transfer of innovations from science into the region. Because promising ideas from the university and science have the potential for a sustainable reinforcement of Hannover as a business location”, explains Dr. Adolf M. Kopp, CEO of hannoverimpuls, the business development agency of the city and region of Hannover. “The funds from the EXIST research  transfer are an extraordinary opportunity to convert research findings into business applications.”

With the program, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy supports research-based startup projects that involve extensive development work. “We are pleased to be the 18th startup company to continue the successful spin-off culture at the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V.”, says Dr.-Ing. Thomas Theeg.

Download the press release of the business development agency hannoverimpuls: https://www.wirtschaftsfoerderung-hannover.de/Aktuelles/Ma%C3%9Fgeschneidertes-Licht-aus-Glasfasern