LZH in the atrium at the "Night out with Science"

Exciting experiments, robots and gravitational waves: This year, the "Night out with Science" attracted 13,000 visitors. Various institutes and affiliated research institutions impressed their guests with about 180 experiments and hands-on activities.

Also in the atrium of the Leibniz Universität Hannover a wide range awaited the audience. Under the motto "light for innovation - amazing laser light you can touch", the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH) presented exhibits from various fields of laser technology.  For example the versatility of laser material processing was illustrated in the skyline of Hannover.  Its laser-manufactured buildings are made of different materials.

A special attraction this year was the delay line again. The demonstrator shows that two mirrors at a distance of 60 cm from each other can accommodate a laser beam of almost 100 meters length. Another visitor magnet were the exhibits related to additive manufacturing. With many examples and details the team of the LZH explained the differences between "normal" 3D printing and laser-additive manufacturing.

In addition, the visitors themselves could try to adjust the beam guidance of a laser. The "Laser Maze" game shows how the beam guidance and deflection mirrors work. In particular the younger guests proved much endurance during the different levels of the game. Some of the young researchers became so curious that they signed up for the "Zukunftstag" (future career day) in next April on that same day. The staff of the LZH are already working on new experiments to arouse their excitement for laser technology then again.