Economic Development

The economic development of the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. in the year 2018 is represented by the following financial statement. In 2018, the operating efficiency (turnover) amounted to 16.817 million € (previous year: 16.715 million €). The turnover consists of project revenues from the industry, the Federal Government, the state of Lower Saxony, the EU, and others amounting to 13.217 million € (previous year: 13.115 million €), as well as basic funding by Lower Saxony amounting to 3.600 million € (previous year: 3.600 million €).

The self-financing rate was 79% (previous year: 78%). The investment expenditure amounted to 1.709 million € (previous year: 1.468 million €) and constituted 10% of the operational expenditure for the fiscal year (previous year: 9%).

In 2018, the LZH worked on 115 research and development projects. 28 new R&D projects were granted in 2017.

Turnover 2009 - 2018 (in million €)

Classification of Revenues