Laser Micromachining Group

  • Photonic processes for material processing at the micro- and nano-scale

  • Product optimization for individualized medicine

  • Technology transfer and process development for industry

  • Fundamentals of light-material interaction

The Laser Micromachining Group develops and examines processes for micro-material processing. The main goal is to promote these technologies on both the fundamental and applications level, and to establish these technologies in industry.

Both in in interdisciplinary projects with industrial partners, and in publicly funded projects the group works, on the one hand, on laser additive manufacturing to optimize products, for example medical aids or electronics. On the other hand, they also develop ultrashort-pulse, laser-based processes for material removal at the micro-scale and for surface functionalization. The laser technology used is to a great extent material independent, low damage and allows for a resolution in the sub-micrometer range. In the field of fundamental research, the group is, among other things, working on simulating light-material interaction using hybrid numerical optics.