Photonic Materials Group

  • Physical fundamentals of thin-film technology

  • Simulation and modelling of layer growth processes


The Photonic Materials Group is concerned with the fundamental physical processes in the field of thin-film technology. The group examines new materials and material classes, in order to explore further application fields. The focus of this work is on the simulation and modelling of layer growth processes using special software. The LZH researchers can use the results to improve the damage threshold of optics, and to evaluate the application potential of innovative materials.

This approach is new, since – for the first time - coatings can be optimized based on a numerical instead of an empirical foundation. Using a multi-scale model, the electronic and optical coating characteristics of the material can be defined, and its layer structure can be imaged down to the atomic level. Also, non-linear characteristics can be used. Together with current rate equation models, damage thresholds and non-linear absorption can be calculated.

The Photonic Materials Group also deals with the implementation of phase-separation coating processes. The group can specifically examine and influence coating material, in order to improve the layer quality, especially to minimize absorption and defect density in high-end coatings.