Optical Components

  • Thin-film systems for satellites, telescopes and lasers

  • Fundamental research about complex coatings and layer systems

  • Characterization of optics

  • Control procedures for coating processes


The Optical Components Department investigates the fundamentals of complex coatings and layer systems, develops layer systems for specific applications, and tests and characterizes coated optics. Among others, the researchers are working on highly precise control procedures for coating processes, and are actively contributing to the further development of standards in this field.

The lab and cleanroom infrastructure at the LZH allows for the demonstration and implementation of various process concepts. Moreover, standard-compliant characterization methods for transmission properties from the VUV to the FIR spectral range, optical losses, laser-induced damage thresholds and the stability of optical components are available.

Current research works are dedicated to complex layer systems for high-performance laser systems and optical metrology and inspection methods. Here, the focus is on innovative process concepts and highly precise control procedures for coating processes, which were already integrated in industrial manufacturing as complete engineering environments for economic production strategies.