Joining and Cutting of Metals Group

  • Energy- and resource-saving
    photonic processes for joining
    and cutting metals

  • Joining and forming non-similar material combinations
    for automotive lightweight construction

  • Process development for industry

Joining and cutting metals using pulsed and cw (continuous wave) lasers is the focus of this group. From thin metal sheets (<1 mm) to thick metal sheets, the group can weld steel (up to 23 mm) and aluminum (up to 12 mm) using the laser. Also, the LZH researchers can weld dissimilar materials such as aluminum/steel or aluminum/copper. Currently, these processes are being qualified for further applications in lightweight construction and in shipbuilding. Furthermore, the combination of conventional welding processes with the laser, so-called hybrid processes, offers a high optimization potential to further improve production and manufacturing chains in industry.