Ultrafast Photonics Group

  • Ultrashort pulse fiber oscillators and amplifiers in the wavelength range
    from 1 to 2 µm

  • Regenerative ultrashort pulse amplifiers in the wavelength range from 1 to 2 µm

  • Nonlinear frequency conversion for the generation of ultrashort laser pulses
    with a wavelength > 3 µm


Beam sources, fiber oscillators and amplifiers with ultrashort light pulses are the core areas of the Ultrafast Photonics Group. In this field, the rare-earth metals thulium and holmium play an important role. These are used both in fiber oscillators as well as in the ultrashort pulse amplifiers of the group. With these systems, the LZH researchers generate ultrashort laser pulses in the wavelength range around 2 µm.

With novel beam sources for the mid-infrared area as well as pico and femtosecond amplifier systems, the group builds the bridge between near-fundamental research and development and the practical application. Here, both higher output powers and flexibly adjustable repetition rates belong to the research and development goals. Due to the ultrashort pulse durations and at the same time high peak intensities, the laser systems of the Ultrafast Photonics Group open up new application potentials - for example for the highly precise and gentle material processing of polymers and organic solar cells, or for spectroscopy and ophthalmology.