Integrated Photonics Group

  • Production of laser-active optical glass fibers

  • Concepts for the integrated construction of complex photonic systems

  • Numeric modeling of laser-active glasses and glass fibers

  • Development of polymer fiber-based lasers and fiber optic components


The Integrated Photonics Group works together with the Laser Components Department at the LZH and the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH) on the production of optical fibers. The group is located in the building of the Research Institute for Quantum Technologies in Hannover (HITec). There, the scientists are working to develop a complete production chain for laser-active optical fibers.

The focus of the work is the development of novel concepts for the integrated construction of complex photonic systems based on modern fiber technology. In addition, the production of glasses with special optical properties by means of chemical vapor deposition and new approaches to the production of radiation-hard glass fibers for use in space play an important role. However, the numerical modeling of laser-active glasses, glass fibers and their manufacturing processes are also part of the group's research and development work.

In addition, the Integrated Photonics Group is developing new concepts for fiber optic components and lasers based on polymer fibers within the scope of the LAPOF project.