Fiber Optics Group

  • Efficient and cost-saving fiber
    amplifier systems

  • Robust fiber lasers with brilliant
    beam quality

  • Development of fiber components and
    laser systems for  earth-bound
    gravitational wave detectors


The Fiber Optics Group focuses on the fiber-based amplification of pulsed signals. For this purpose, the LZH scientists simulate, develop and characterize passive and active fiber-optical components.

Priorities are fused-fiber components and microstructured cladding light strippers that shall couple out unused leakage radiation from a fiber. In that way, the cladding light strippers protect fiber and diode lasers from a too high heat input that decreases their durability.

Besides, the researchers work on pulsed fiber-based laser beam sources with variable pulse lengths from pico seconds up to continuously emitting, on the fiber-based super continuum generation, on fiber-integrated single-frequency high power beam sources and on the development of highly stable laser systems for earth-bound gravitational wave detectors.