Process Development Group

  • Processes for the optical thin-film

  • Innovative materials for functional
    optical coatings

  • In-situ process control

  • Simulation and quality management


The development and optimization of processes for the optical thin-film technology are the work priorities of the Process Development Group. Precision optics and laser technology, but also consumer optics are the relevant application fields.

The LZH scientists improve established coating processes, test new approaches and technologies, and investigate fundamental interaction mechanisms in the coating process. Among others, the reactive thermal evaporation in a vacuum, ion- and plasma-assisted processes (Ion-Assisted Deposition, IAD) as well as Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) are used here. If requested by the customer, the LZH scientists can evaluate the potential of these coating processes in large-scale feasibility studies, too.

Other competences of this group are the customization of individual process components, such as ion beam sources, the in-situ process control to increase the precision and reproducibility as well as  documentation.

Now, the researchers are breaking new ground in the development and qualification of new coating materials: Polymer films shall be equipped with functional hybrid layers (organic/inorganic) that provide, for example, protection, antireflection or filter functions. 

The findings of the group are integrated in the further development of the Optical Broadband Monitor (BBM) and the simulation and quality management software on a regular basis.