Imaging and Metrology Group
  • Focus Topics

  • 3-D/4-D laser metrology for biomedical applications

  • Industrial 3-D laser metrology for technical applications

  • Laser-based imaging and image processing


The focus of the Imaging and Metrology Group is on modern imaging and measurement processes for the multidimensional depiction of technical and biological probes.

Among other things, the Scanning Laser Optical Tomography (SLOT) plays an important role. In close cooperation with industrial partners, it is being further developed to a new, multimode platform and further designed for digital pathology. The SLOT technology is being combined with other imaging methods, in order to cover as wide a spectrum as possible.

The digital holographic microscopy and the optical coherence tomography are a good supplement to the above-mentioned technologies. Especially for technical samples, for example glass, polymers and others, these processes can be used for instance for quality control in the field of additive manufacturing.

The scientists use further processes such as X-ray computer tomography (µCT), among other things for 3-D volume images of cast parts, or for ex vivo tissue probes.

Focus of Work

  • Design and development of the Scanning Laser Optical Tomography (SLOT)

    • Developmental biology
    • Safety-toxicological investigations in an insect model
  • Marker-free imaging using tissue-optical contrast mechanisms
  • Large-scale volumetric imaging of functionalized implants
  • Implant research
  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT)
  • Multiphoton microscopy
  • Horizontal two-photon microscopy (H2P)
  • Time-resolved imaging of the laser-tissue interaction
  • Online process control in laser manufacturing