Industrial and Biomedical Optics

  • Biophotonic therapeutic and surgical

  • Imaging processes for the investigation of
    cellular and molecular vital processes

  • Photonic system solutions for medicine
    and biotechnology


The use of light and lasers for the imaging and manipulation of cells, tissue and organs is the focus of the Industrial and Biomedical Optics Department. For this purpose, the scientists investigate both optogenetics, cell manipulation and imaging processes as well as laser surgery.

The department investigates mainstream laser systems and clinical devices with regard to improvements, new application fields or the combination with innovative imaging techniques. Using experimental laser systems in the lab, the LZH scientists open up new areas, and deal with biological and medical issues.

Fundamental research about the interaction between lasers and tissue carried out by this department delivers valuable findings for new approaches in laser surgery. On this basis it is possible to optimize the defined removal of tissue and to devitalize cells selectively.

At the same time, the researchers are working on novel imaging techniques, for example using pulsed near-infrared lasers. These enable a very high penetration depth in the tissue - the precondition for multi-modal imaging, that is combining data from several measurements.