Food and Farming Group

  • Laser applications for plant protection

  • Food product and production safety

  • Biosystem technology

  • Industrial 3-D laser metrology

  • Laser-assisted imaging and image processing


The development and customization of photonic processes and systems to improve product and production safety of plant and animal-based foods is the core working area of the Food & Farming Group.

Based on fundamental research in cooperation with plant scientists, this group is concerned with the fields of agriculture and horticulture. Non-chemical, optical, laser-based weed and pest control methods for a sustainable crop and plant production are being developed. The main tasks are, among other things, to recognize specific plants and to integrate laser systems in digitalized and automated systems. Optical systems can thus be used for autonomous agricultural robotics.

In the foods field, solutions are being developed which should mainly improve production safety for various production techniques, supporting requirements on quality, traceability and sustainability for manufacturers, distributors and customers.

The Food & Farming Group was started within the Industrial and Biomedical Optics Department at the beginning of 2017, in order to address the important value chains in plant and livestock production fields.

Focus of Work

  • Online process control in laser manufacturing