Nanolithography Group

  • Litghographic methods for micro and nanotechnology

  • Additive micro and nano manufacturing

  • Laser ablation for micro/nanostructuring
    and surface functionalization

  • Metrology for EUV and X-ray applications


The Nanolithography Group researches and develops laser-based processes for micro and nanostructuring. With femtosecond lasers both additive and ablative processes are realized. In addition, measuring instruments for the examination of microstructures using EUV and X-radiation are developed.

The LZH scientists are working on the generation of micro-implants, and on the laser-based functionalization of surfaces for biomedical and technical applications. The group has many years of experience in designing customized systems for the direct-writing using two-photonpolymerization (2PP) and for femtosecond laser ablation.