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  • Computational manufacturing as a key element in the design-production chain for modern multilayer coatings

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  • Role of two photon absorption in Ta2O5 thin films in nanosecond laser-induced damage

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  • Computational manufactoring as a tool for the selection of the most manufacturable design

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  • Femtosecond laser damage resistance of oxide and mixture oxide optical coatings

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  • Impact of Spacer and Strand Length on Oligonucleotide Conjugation to the Surface of Ligand-Free-Laser-Generated Gold Nanoparticles

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  • Laser Surface Pre-Treatment of CFRP for Adhesive Bonding in Consideration of the Absorption Behaviour

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  • Single-step direct laser fabrication of complex shaped microoptical components
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  • Neue Prozesssicherheit durch Vorpulslaser

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  • Asymmetrische Faserkoppler aus unterschiedlichen Singlemode-Glasfasern

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